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Tuesday-Friday 12-8

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Saturdays 9-10, Sundays 11-12

by reservation.

To Find out when YOU can skate, check the schedule page.

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Whether you are a skater that snowboards or a snowboarder that skates, you have to agree that snowboarding and skateboarding just go together.  Talent has a wide selection of snowboard gear that you won’t find in other Burlington area shops like Volcom outerwear, Never Summer snowboards, Lib Tech and YES Snowboards .  We also carry Burton, DC snowboards and outerwear, 32 boots, Union Bindings, Gnu Bindings, Gnu Snowboards, and 686 Outerwear. 

2014 Snowboard Gear

2014 Snowboard gear is in stock:  Snowboards from Yes, Never Summer, Gnu, Lib-Tech, GBP and Ride.  Snowboard Bindings from Ride and Union and Snowboard Boots from Adidas and ThirtyTwo.  Snowboard gear is Always on sale at Talent Skatepark:

10% OFF 1 item: Board, Boot Or Binding
15% OFF 2 Items:  Board and Boots, Boots and Bindings, Board and Bindings Etc....
20% OFF a full kit: Board Boots and Bindings. 

GBP Green Bandit Production Snowboards by The Gremlinz

Green Bandit Production Snowboards:  

GBP Peace CTX Camber 153 and 157
List $519,  Talent $450

Sababa Trad. Camber 148 and 152
List $519, Talent $450 SOLD OUT!

Gremlin Flat Camber 152
List $519, Talent $450SOLD OUT!

Lib-Tech Banana Magic 157

2014 Lib Tech Snowboards, 20 % OFF:  

Banana Magic 157:  List Price $696, SALE PRICE $550SOLD OUT!
TRS 154SOLD OUT!, 159SOLD OUT!, 162: List Price $559, SALE PRICE $448
Travis Rice 153SOLD OUT!, 161.5:  List Price $559 SALE PRICE $448
Brando 158:  List Price $549, SALE PRICE $440
Hot Knife 159, 159SOLD OUT!:  List Price $519, SALE PRICE: $416
Skate Banana 149, 152:  List Price $489, SALE PRICE $392 


Give us a call (802)864-2069!

2014 Never Summer Heretige

2014 Never Summer Snowboards 20% OFF:  

Heritage 163 List Price:  $559, Talent Special $450
Cobra 163 List Price:  $559, Talent Sale $450
Proto 157 List Price:  $549, Talent Sale $440SOLD OUT!
Legacy 159 List Price:  $509, Talent Sale $408
SL 155, 158 List Price: $509 Talent Sale $408SOLD OUT!
Revolver 155, 158 List Price: $509 Talent Sale $408
Evo 150 List Price: $509 Talent Sale $408


Instore Only!  Stop in.

2014 Yes Pick Your Line

2014 Yes Snowboards 20% OFF:  


Pick Your Line :  $599, Talent Special $480 SOLD OUT
Basic 149, 154Sold OUT List Price: $429, Talent Sale $344
Asym 156, List Price: $549, Talent Sale $440 


Give us a call at (802) 864-2069 for more info.

2014 Union Force Diamond Blue

2014 Union Snowboard Bindings 10% OFF:  

Atlas Binding
List $239 Talent Sale $216 
Force Binding:  
List $199, Talent Sale $180
Contact Binding
List $179, Talent Sale $162
Flite Pro
List $169 Talent Sale $153
DLX Binding
List $129, Talent Sale $117

2014 Adidas Jake Blauvelt Boot

2014 Adidas Snowboard Boots 10% OFF:  

Jake Blauvelt Boot:  
List $350, Talent Special $315

Adidas Samba Boot
List $250, Talent Sale $225 

2014 ThirtyTwo Crab Grab Lashed

2014 ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots 20% OFF:  

TM-2 Scotty Stevens Boot
List Price $279, Talent Sale $224 

Lashed Crab Grab Boot:
List $200, Talent Sale $160

Lashed Bradshaw Boot
List $200, Talent Sale $160

Women's Lashed Fast Track Ft
List $220, Talent Sale $176

In addition to Yes, Lib-Tech and Never Summer, we also carry snowboards and Bindings from Ride Snowboards and Gnu Snowboards.  Gnu and Ride Gear is all 20% OFF

Snowboard Tuning

Talent Skatepark offers snowboard tuning as well as sales.  We do it all from hot wax to core shot repair, all at reasonable prices.  Check out our little tuning vid.  Full tunes are just $25!