Talent Skatepark and Shop
2069 Williston RD

South Burlington, VT 05403

Phone: (802) 864-2069


Monday 12-6, (CLOSE AT 6!)

Tuesday-Friday 12-8

Saturday 10-6

Sunday Noon to 6


Saturdays 9-10, Sundays 11-12

by reservation.

To Find out when YOU can skate, check the schedule page.

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Not everyone wants to jump down stairs and grind rails, we get that.  That’s why Talent Skatepark also carries a huge selection of Longboards.  We have cruisers, slalom, drop thru’s and downhill boards from Landyachtz, Sector9, Never Summer, Riviera, Globe, Madrid and Santa Cruz.  NEW!  Talent is carrying Penny Skateboards!  We have both the Penny and Nickel models in stock!