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micro mini-ramp contest

Halfpipe Contest on the micro mini ramp!




-Friday October 20th. 6-8pm (or when the contest is done!)

-$10 to enter

-5 divisisons:  5-9 years old, 10-13, 14-17, GIRLS!!, and 18+

  (You may "move up" a divison, but not down)

-Contest is "ordered jam" format.  Skaters will take turns in order, but the runs will not be timed.  The judges/MC may allow rebates or give skaters taking marathon runs "the hook"

-The park in front of the vert wall will be closed to allow spectators into the park. 

-The Side Plaza, Back Plaza and the bowl will be open to skating.

-Prizes= product from our sponsors.

-Awards to immediately follow each division.




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