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Berrics style game of SKATE. Friday October 6th!




-This is an event for advanced skaters only.  32 spots available.

-The first games will begin at 6pm. Event will be over once we have a winner! hopefully between 8-9pm

-$10 to enter.  $150 for first place, $75 for second.

-There will be 2 lanes for SKATE: in front of the vert wall and in front of the bank wall so most of the park will be closed.  The Back Plaza and Bowl will be the only areas of the park open for skating.

-spectators WILL be allowed in the park


From Wikipedia:


"SKATE is a skateboarding game using rules based upon the H.O.R.S.E. game played by basketball players.The rules are basic. One player sets a trick by doing a particular skateboarding trick of their choice. If the trick is not landed, another player attempts to set a trick. Once a trick has been set (landed), the other player(s) must respond by doing the same trick in their first try. If they make it the game continues; if they miss it, they get a letter, starting with S, and so on, until they have missed five tricks, spelling SKATE, and they are out or the game is over. No trick may be set more than once in the same game and a skater defending on their last letter may receive two attempts at that trick."



"Battle at the Berrics is a slightly updated version of the Game of SKATE held at the Berrics in Los Angeles, CA. Their rules are: Flat ground only, but, that does not mean anything on flat ground counts. No feet on the ground. That means no No Complys, no Hand plants, no Bonelesses, no grabs, and no "Malto manual BS". No doing tricks that slide on the ground if your opponent popped their trick. Last letter gets two tries. Offensive toe drag gets one do over. Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin of error but will ultimately be decided by the referee. If trick maker does not pop the trick but is still landed, the trick still counts."




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